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Austin, Texas, United States
by Lillian
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buffy, cats, celtic music, chocolate, comic books, conventions, criminal minds, crossovers, dr. who, elementary, enameling, fanfic, farscape, firefly, fonts, fringe, geology, grammar, grant jansky, haven, hawaii five-o, heroes, highlander, jewelry making, justified, lapidary, meteorolgy, methos, pacific rim, peter wingfield, rpgs, science fiction, sherlock, slash, star trek, stargate atlantis, supernatural, teen wolf, top gear, torchwood, traders, welding, wire working
I have always been an SFF fan, but was never into fanfic until I started going to MediaWestCon to sell t-shirts. (Though I was reading it at an early age, back when they used to publish Star Trek fanfic in paperback form!)

I have a day job as a desktop publisher at a large engineering firm. I make jewelry on the side, and I am taking as many classes as I can in various ways to melt, rend, weld, and otherwise torture metal.
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